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              1. Today the weather

                8℃~21℃  SUNNY
                Air Quality of Pingxiang
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                Pingxiang, once the choke-point between the ancient Wu Empire and Chu Empire, nowadays a shining pearl in West Jiangxi Province, is one of the cities where China's modern industry originated. Since the Reform and Opening-up, the economic development of Pingxiang has been rapid and the commerce and trade in Pingxiang has been kept prospering as well, therefore it has been one the most important industrial cities in Jiangxi. Pingxiang governs Luxi County, Shangli County, Lianhua County, Anyuan District and Xiangdong District. The city’s land area is 3823.99 k㎡, the population is 1,851,600 and the density of population is 484 per k㎡. 
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